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I'm Katelin, this is my awesome blog. I'm 19 and my favorite color is brown. I'm me. I love tattoos, anything unique, books, animals, and whatever else catches my eyes. I love the band Atreyu. I like hard core, punk, alternative bands. I like being different.
I want to be with someone who, 10 years from now, makes my heart jump when I hear her key in the door. "I Can’t Think Straight" (via timmy)

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reasons to let me cuddle you:

  • I will stick my cold hands all over your body
  • I’ll probably fall asleep on you and make cute sleep noises
  • I can lay there long enough for the second coming of christ
  • nuzzling???
  • I will be smiling the whole time
  • you’re warm and I’m not
  • let me leech your heat
  • please

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if the neighborhood isnt going to help me wash these squirrels i guess i will have to do it all by myself

why are you going to wash squirrels 

someone has to

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The Joker, Death of the Family by Cinema Makeup School

Design by: Lee Joyner and Karen Midge Ordonez
Applied by: Midge Ordonez and Miya Aoki
Wig by: Kaity Licina
Model: Alexander Ward

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Witches-Circa 1800s

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good thing he’s buying pampers cause he just shat his pants


good thing he’s buying pampers cause he just shat his pants

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awesome famous artist :


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